USMLE World: 6 Secrets to get 270 scores in Step 1 doing USMLE world.


USMLE World: How to make a plan to get 270 scores in Step 1?

If you want to get a medical license for practice in United States, you must have to pass a tree step examination test called as United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE).
These tests are unique in nature for example it includes each & part of varying stages of medical education. Also it judges the accuracy of student’s mastery in the material, and off-course not based on how a student take a test well.

There are three steps in The USMLE world:

The USMLE World uses these three steps in their judgement criteria

  • Step 1: It is a one day performed test & taken during medical college life at the end of 2nd prof. This step of USMLE World emphasis on the basic subjects such as anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology, immunity and behavioral sciences. Questions are multiple choice type.
  •  Step 2: It is a two day performed test at the end of the fourth prof. med school. In this step of USMLE world first CK (clinical knowledge) based multiple choice queries on clinical subjects such as surgery, pediatricts, internal medicine and gynecology. Then CK (Clinical Skills) are tested by asking you to diagnose the persons acting as patients.
  • Step 3: It is a 2 day test taken during the residency after the completion of first year. Step 3 is the final judgement whether a student is prepared without a supervision, for the practice of general medicine.


Almost each student who wants to appear in Step 1 or CK etc, uses The USMLE world because the questions asked in exam are similar to the The USMLE step exams. So this giving the students a sense of confidence and joy in their life & improving a healthy life style by removing stress. For that i would like to ask all students not to read First Aid as much five times but do review it once or two times only, and use the USMLE world at least twice. This will make you a ready person for the passage of your exam.
So, you have to follow these 6 secrets to get 270 scores in Step 1 during the USMLE World.

This chart gives you the data to follow to make 270 scores in step 1.


How to get 270 scores in Step 1 during the USMLE World.?

How to get 270 scores in Step 1 during the USMLE World.?


6 secrets of the USMLE World to get 270 scores in Step 1.

Secret 1: Set your Goal at first

Before starting the step 1 preparation, you should have a clear goal in your mind. First you should check yourself that at what position you are! For this you should perform a practice test. The score you achieve might scare you, but in fact they will give you an encouragement to study hard.

Some helping information for you to set your goal as:

  •  For step 1 the passing score is 188
  • Step 1 have 221 score as national average
  •  Most competitive ones have average of 240+ & around it

So, you should be a active mind person to set a proper goal and volunteer to achieve it. For example you set a goal of 250 for yourself. Thus, you will be determined and ready to devote a plenty of study time for the achievement of your set goal.

This table correlation will be very helpful to set a goal and also can be used to interpret for all USMLE steps i_e step 1, 2 & 3.

NBME QKaplan QUW Q BankUSMLE 3-digit


Secret 2: Start USMLE World as early as possible

I always wish as i look back that during 1st and 2nd year i would have used those resources that i used during my prep for USMLE. The reason for this is that resources would have become more familiar at their time of really study. So you start the USMLE World prep as early as possible you can. It will make you more familiar to that types of questions asked in Step 1 of USMLE. For example if a medical student have finished immunology syllabus then you should do some immuno or immunity question practice. Similarly you should make some anatomy short sets for practice if you have done with your anatomy. Also don’t become too stressed if you are seeing your material for prep right now for the first time. But start the USMLE World as early you can. The earlier you make familiar yourself to difficult cases in your study, the better criteria you achieve for your question based prep.


Secret 3: Spend much time to go through explanations given in USMLE World

This is the difference making point among the med students doing step 1 prep using USMLE World. The quality of explanation of the USMLE world is very high & excellent based on the clinical cases with reasons , recognition of pattern & test taking skills that make a med student to score very high in the USMLE test. So, you should spend much time to go through these explanations & listed their cases with reasons again and again to be a skilled one while doing the step 1. Also you can’t get mastery in the specific material by doing the practice of questions only without understanding the explanations. Do read the explanation of the incorrect ones also. In a question 5 having choices only 20% is correct & 80% incorrect material is concerned. That’s why go through explanations many times and try to grab them.

Secret 4: Link First Aid to your explanation in review

Every med student knows that the basic key book to the step 1 prep is the First Aid. So while doing your explanation review try to integrate it with the First Aid. You should read the different chapters of First Aid randomly and check the difficulty of cases narrated. Then link the listed content & questions given with the explanations during your review. This practice will mingle the both types of questions & develop your focus on the critical unique questions.

Secret 5: Give importance to Your learning content not percentages in USMLE World

Similar to the ordinary students, medical students are also data drinking persons. All of us used to give importance to the percentages, marks , trends & grades etc. But in cases of USMLE World you should not overwhelm the component you have learned. But the thing that is really matters is that how much we have learned from the different explanations of questions. Also study inertia affects you if you focus only on the numerical values you are achieving. So, don’t take care about your numbers! None will give importance to your percentages! Improve your content of the learning exam & explanations and also improve your skills of taking a test in a better manner.


6 Secrets to get 270 scores in Step 1 doing USMLE world

6 Secrets to get 270 scores in Step 1 doing USMLE world

Secret 6: Use Qbank review many times instead once only in the USMLE World

The biggest mistake made by students is that they focus too much on the marks and percentages. And they do not want to go through the questions and only want to begin with ease taking Qbank as warm up in start. You should realize this point that explanations & understandings the questions is the main focus point, before it will be too late. For these reasons you should review Qbank many times instead only once. You should have to pass through the whole Qbank to grab the most important key points in your minds and will achieve the most benefits of the amazing learning tool the Qbank. Some other things to keep in mind that the repetition is the best & only way to embed the material in the mind because most of us are not the students with photographic memories. .To learn the questions mastery, the best way is to achieve the best resources and then only to work on those resources in repeatedly manners. If you are a student of second year and have not started yet so, go forward and get USMLE World Qbank. Right now, you should start work on the questions.

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