ELEGANCE __ With a Side of Curl
ELEGANCE __ With a Side of Curl

The 12 dashing black hair styles for women.

Black hair styles

Hair is a crowing glory for a woman especially the black hair styles look like a crown on the head of a woman.
It gives an indication about a healthy lifestyle that is free from any type of stress.

  Here are the most dashing 12 black hair styles for you.


1. High Bun Classic having a twist

This black hair style is suited with any little black dress and also is a classy & clean hair style among the women.

High Bun Classic having a twist

 How to make this style?

To make this is the procedure:

  • A parting starting from one ear to the other is made horizontally.
  • Four to six triangular sections should be made in the front just as the pizza slices.
  • Now you should choose a specific triangular section . A small parting is taken and separated into two, then in a knot like action, tie hair together.
  • Again separate  another thin slice into two as done previously. But the two ends of previous knot should be added    with the one that you have separated now to make an other knot by ends of both these slices.
  • Continue to do so again & again until a horizontal parting comes to an end.
  • For the protection of the made section of the black hair styles you should put a small rubber band and move to the next section of the hair.
  • When the front view of black hair styles is completed , you should smooth the remaining hair into a simple high bun. A chignon can be used as a hair filter for a huge, round bun.

It looks so from back:

High Bun Classic having a twist


A pomade can be used for a sleek finish and also some finishing spray should be used to keep your hair fresh for a longer period.

Suited hair type & face shapes for this style

Face shapes including oval and round are best suited for black hair styles. Ladies with medium length hair can show off this fantastic style.


2.Victoria’s Secret Curls 

If you want a relaxed, sophisticated but sexy look it is the best hair style for you among the black hair styles.

Victoria’s Secret Curls

How you can style it:

  1. To make this style you have to put one & half inch curling iron in your hair in one section first and then the other section and so on.
  2. Shake the formed curls lightly while bending over.
  3. Use a light hold finishing spray to finish.

Best hair type & suited shapes and Tips

This style gives a flirty curls to the hair so this type of black hair styles is perfect for anyone! The medium to long hair give good look with this style. You should a bit of oil before curling your hair, It will keep them smooth. Prevent your finishing spray from settling in a specific area.  Also you should use a god conditioner for your healthy hair.


 3.ELEGANCE __ With  a Side of Curl

It is a great fun to play with the curls. Normally a regular set of drop curls can be tranformed by you into a beautiful side swept hair style.

ELEGANCE __ With  a Side of Curl

ELEGANCE __ With a Side of Curl

How to style it:

  1. You should use a 1 ½ inch curling iron for your hair to curl them section wise one by one.
  2. In the desired side sweep your hair.
  3. As usual finish your style with a finishing spray and also sheen them for a better shine.

 Hair type and the face suited to this black hair styles

This is the best suited hair style to every lady. You can pull off this style of black hair styles regardless of your face shape or the texture of hair you have. Remember! If you have a small face don’t worry still you will rock with this black hair styles, just you have to make the less  no. of curls on each side. The point is that you should not hide the face behind the whorl of curls in front. But in order to promote the softness of your hair you should use a bit if oil.


   4. Poetic Justice Braids

Poetic Justice Braids is one of my favorite hair style in the collection black hair styles. Look below in the picture that long extended hair magnify your grace and give you an attractive look.

Both  the front and back views give an exclusive figure to you:

Poetic Justice Braids

How to Make this black hair styles

Follow these steps to style it:

  1. From ear to ear section out your hair
  2. From the top take a section and make a part from mid line to all the way from fore head to the back.
  3. Now part the star formation extending from middle into small pizza slices.
  4. Place more hair in the corners to provide thickness there.
  5. Jumbo braid extension should be braided in the remaining hair.

Now a look of this black hair styles from back:

Poetic Justice Braids

Hair type & best faces

Hair with all texture can enjoy this and round to oval faces give a good look with this hair style.



This is the hair style that you can style for all occasions and also easy one to style.


How to style it:

Tucked mohak is one of the black hair style that take a little time to style them

  1. Starting from forehead to the vertix make equal partitions.
  2. In the two outer most sections cornrow braids starting from side i_e from ear to the mid.
  3. Roped twisted should be made with mini or medium sized in the mid line as shown in the photo.
  4. You should use ‘U’ or body pins to pin the twists, it will protect your style
  5. Not much but a light finishing spray should be used.

Face shape and hair type

Most of the faces are well suited with this hair style and any lady with her natural hair can rock with this style & it’s the style used most in occasions.


6. Funky Fishtail

Most of the girls like this hair style as it easily matches their other fashion. Have a look in the photo & decide yourself  that how well you will look with this hair style.

Funky Fishtail

How to style this hair style:

  1. Do a partition from one ear to the other.
  2. Smooth the lower bottom half of hair into ponytail.
  3. Do some braid extension and form a fishtail stating from ponytail.
  4. On the top a curly weawe should be used for mohak.
  5. At the end you should use some sort of finishing sheen for the better shine of your hair.

Hair type & best face shape

This hair style can be wear by you if you have smooth texture and natural hair. Heart face & round to oval shaped faces show perfect look with this black hair styles.


  7.Copper Bob hair style

The ladies with brown , copper or low lights figures can show off this classy bob hair style  – one of the desired & admired black hair styles. Have a look to it:

Copper Bob hair style

How to style

  1. Part the hair on that side you prefer most.
  2. Using a flat CHI iron get your hair ironed flat.
  3. To give a beautiful shine you should use some sheen too.

Next the back one:

Copper Bob hair style

Suited Faces & hair type:

The faces with diamond shape & oval are recommended for this style.


   8.Side Swept Beauty

If you want to show the best glamour with the perfect DIY for home as well as offices, the cascading curls in a simple way in this hair style makes you as you desire. The black hair styles are many but this is the simple with splendid look.

Side Swept Beauty

How to make this style:

  1. Hair should be parted on the preferred side to make this black hair styles.
  2. To give shine & make the hair smooth you should slick the one side of hair down with pomade.
  3. For formation of voluminous curls you should use in inches 1 ½ curling iron of gold barrel for this black hair styles.
  4. To give finishing sexy touches you should use some shine.

Best hair type & face shapes

This is the hair style of black hair styles that that is perfect for various textures of hair but suited oval shapes faces mostly.


  9.Twist Over You

It looks like a spiked crown and spiral twisted beautifully on your top. These black hair styles make your eye color also to give a precious look. All the people around you will be asking you for hair style tips if you show off this hairdo from the collection of black hair styles.

Have a look:

Twist Over You

And now lets see on the back:

Twist Over You.

How  to style this hair style:

  1. As usual get a section starting from one ear to the other.
  2. Taking the top side from a one inch part nearest to the ear.
  3. Slick some hair back towards your self after forming a thin parting.
  4. Slick some hair back after taking aparting that should be thin ones.
  5. Smooth these sections on back towards the top to get ponytail.
  6. Form mini Bantu knots by taking different sections of hair.
  7. For final touches you should use some shine spray for better shining.

Best Face Shapes & Hair types

Anyone who is willing can style it with splendid style.

These were the best hair styles from the collection of Health moto named as black hair styles. There also Most favorite men’s hair styles on Health moto.

Some more black hair styles for women include:


    10.High back ponytail

When you have to go for some special eve or going to have fun with friends at night, a sleek high pony tail is just perfect for you. You can get it any time, you have to just pull your hair back neatly & tie them so high to let the hair fall around your face to give a perfect image. As an example:

High back ponytail

   11. Back Pulled Natural Curls

When you pull back your smooth hair with natural curls, it will form a simple ponytail of black hair styles. This ponytail has to do great with your personality & if matches your dress; there will be great gift for you.

Have a look:

Back Pulled Natural Curls


Neat low back ponytail

All of you know very well that for evening functions & for formal occasions the only hair style from black hair styles that works well is the high pony but the neat low black ponytail hair style works the same. So among the black hair styles its has its own importance.  A simple yet a splendid overall look can be achieved by the low back ponytails.

Neat low back ponytail