23 weeks pregnant

Things to notice when you are 23 weeks pregnant

Life is always rich when you are waiting for something to happen or to hatch.

—– Jonas Salk

And there is no better feeling in the whole world than the gesture of life inside you.

As the pregnancy proceeds onwards both the Mom and her baby are gaining the weight. If you have any weird about it, lets it gone and start a wonderful story to dream for coming baby. And mold a healthy life without any stress.


Your baby growth inside you

During this duration of pregnancy i-e the end of second trimester your baby is growing fast with the development of many important structures and senses. Now you have to turn on the music and sway to it with deep sensation; your baby now can feel your dance. Arteries and veins are developing giving your baby’s skin a light red hue. First your baby’s skin will be a bit saggy then fats development begin and fill it. In baby’s preparation to breathe lungs capillaries and special lung cells called pneumocytes (type 1 and 2) are developed inside your baby. Baby’s lips are going to be more distinct. Also the mechanism of hearing is also established in this week. As the baby continues to grow a thick protective layer of keratin (a protective protein) is added inside the baby’s skin cells to protect the baby. Baby’s legs and arms are attaining their proper shape and orientation in the specific pales. Placenta the support line for baby is developed which provides the nutrition and also secretes important hormones for proper development. So a 23 weeks pregnant woman has a baby with the most chances of baby’s strength and protection. Also you can also hear your baby’s heartbeat using a stethoscope. What a heart throb!


Symptoms and Changes in your body when you are 23 weeks pregnant

As the signs of pregnancy  the easy way to predict the state of pregnancy. A 23 weeks pregnant lady shows following changes

  • You may have a feeling of clumsiness in this week that the centre of gravity for body has shifted. When you brush the teeth your gums may bleed and somehow your belly button may stick out. That’s why the middle months of pregnancy are the best days to think about holidays.
  • Your ankles and feet may start to swell during the 23rd week and may also in the coming days & weeks noticeably at the closure of day or In hot summer.
  • You will notice your baby kicking, punching or hitting your belly more often because your baby becomes more active at the end of second trimester.
  • Due to continuous stretch by stomach muscles your uterus may rise 1 to 11 /2 inches higher than your belly button.
  • You may gain up to a pound or two than your weight last week.
  • Vaginal discharge likely to increase in a 23 weeks pregnant woman. This is normal watery, having clear to white color and is odorless discharge.
  • You may likely to feel that you need to use the restroom more frequent than before. This is due to the higher volume of blood in lower area of your body.

Make it your habit to meet your family healthcare regularly and ask the healthcare if you have any question about the changes in your body.

23 weeks pregnant

Emotional changes of a 23 weeks pregnant lady

As the physical changes occur in a 23 weeks pregnant lady, many emotional and behavioral changes also take place in her. Excitement could be at its peak in the life. Baby connections with you have become strong and you move in the wave of baby’s feelings. This time of 23 weeks pregnant woman is often the best time of pregnancy. So there is a time for you to enjoy!

23 weeks pregnant 23 weeks pregnant how many months Symptoms and Changes in your body when you are 23 weeks pregnant Things to notice when you are 23 weeks pregnant