Study the Secret relation of Blood Type with Alzheimer Disease

Do you have O blood group? If your answer is yes, then you are lucky one!

The blood group O type people are more resistant to diseases such as Alzheimer disease. A research has proved that the people having rare blood types such as O type blood group have are more resistant to the mental diseases including Alzheimer Disease.

Relation of rare Blood Types the O Blood Groups with Alzheimer Disease

Latest study shows that in a person there is a close relation of the Type of Blood group he has with the chances of the diseases being affected. If someone has O blood group type he is twice lucky, first he has one of the rare blood group types and the second he will be less prone to diseases.

During a research in a world famous university of USA it has proved that people with Blood type O are more resistant to fetal diseases such as Alzheimer because they have greater amount of grey matter in their central nervous system.  Such persons show more effective immunity against diseases than the other people with blood type other than O group.


rare blood types

The amount of gray matter in our nervous system has a key role in many body functions but one of the best performed roll of gray matter is the protection against diseases affecting our brain and other neurological parts of body. As Alzheimer is age related disease and it affects the brain. So the amount of grey matter in an individual is proportional to his immunity against the diseases. As proved by the study that persons with rare O blood type has greater amount of gray matter so they are more resistant to Alzheimer disease than the people with other blood types such as A, B and AB Blood types.


During study 30 participants were involved in the research. These participants have different blood types including Blood A, B, AB and O types. The study proved that some of them show more resistant to the diseases particularly the Alzheimer disease than the other members in research. After more research it was clear that the thing that made a difference among their cases of being affected by diseases is the amount of Grey matter in them.

Thus, if you are also a person with O blood type then take a sigh of relief and thank to God that you are one of the lucky person. First you have the rare type of blood type and second thing that you have greater amount of gray matter in your central nervous system to protect you against deadly diseases such as Alzheimer etc.