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USMLE World Step 3

USMLE Step 3 Overview and Exam Format : USMLE world


USMLE stands for United States Medical Examination, consisting of 3 steps. Step 1 has the key position in the USMLE worldHow to get 270 scores in step 1 is a raising query. USMLE Step 3 of these determines whether you are able to work in an unsupervised practice by utilizing your medical understandings and the basic knowledge about clinical and biomedical sciences. Ambulatory managements of a patient is the first thing to be judged in USMLE STEP 3. Examination committees prepare the whole stuff must be examined and judged for all steps of USMLE World and after getting through the final examination( step three) a license to practice medicine without supervision will be allotted. Examination committees share experts from academic and non-academic practitioners and the individuals of licensing boards to judge the capabilities of the practitioners appearing in these usmle steps.

USMLE World Step 3

This step examination insures and appraises the experience and skills of a medical physician who is willing to provide the sole medical care to the society independently without someone supervision. The examination of the step is taken in two days. Foundations of Independence Practice (FIP) is the name given to the 1st day of the step, and the 2nd day of examination is attributed as Advanced Clinical Medicine (ACM).


Day 1 of USMLE Step 3

Foundations of Independence Practice (FIP) Step 3
The First day examination is multiple choice questions based and some schemes of newer schedule such as science abstracts based and also some related to pharmaceuticals also checked. The basic medical knowledge and the scientific principles for health promotion and fitness are assessed on this day of Usmle  step 3. The era of field and syllabus is from the biostatistics, population health and clarification of medical literature. Behavioural Sciences era also checked including social skills, ways of communications, medical ethics and patient safety etc. This day tells the examiners about the knowledge of history, somatic examination and the proper understanding of diagnostic studies of a practitioner.

Day 2 of USMLE World Step 3

Advanced Clinical Medicine (ACM)
The comprehensive and experienced based enlightenment of the health and disease in context of patient management is under focus on the 2nd day. The manifestation of disease over time is done by a practitioner to prove that he/she is capable of doing with an individual medical health care without a supervision. Diagnose of diseases, prognosis and outcome, screening for specific results, therapeutics and medical decision making are the main points to be gauged. In this day’s test there are Multiple Choice Questions and computer-based case simulations.


USMLE Exam Format


In this two days examination there are 256 multiple choice questions prorated into 6 parts of 42 to 43 ques/items. Each of these six parts will avail 60 minutes only for completion. The items from pharmaceuticals and scientific abstracts are also mixed in each of these 6 blocks. This consumes almost 7 hours including the 45 min break and a small optional tutorial.

In contrast there are almost 9 hours on the second day test session of Usmle  step 3. 198 MCQs are divided into 6 blocks of 33 items each. Each block allotted 45 minutes to be finished. Additional to the 5 minutes optional tutorial, there is a CCS tutorial of 7-minutes also. Then there came case simulations.There are 13 and each simulation is 10-20 max. minutes. Providing 45 minutes break time there is an optional survey, if time allow, can be completed at the closure of second day.


The list of approved personal items for the step 1,2 and 3 is also given in the next session of USMLE world.